Affordable Vanity Countertops

Aug 19, 2020

How to make your vanity countertop look expensive but have an affordable price tag:
1.Most people don’t know that there are a few specialized vanity countertop companies that offer Quartz and Granite countertops in more manageable sizes than the name brand LARGE slabs of Quartz and granite you see everywhere else.

By choosing a “Stock” size or thinner vanity top you can save than a custom kitchen countertop slab price a lot of the time.

BY thinner and stock size that means 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ increments and 2CM thick or close to ¾” thick rather than the typical Kitchen dimension of 1 ½”.

You pick your Stone color, edge treatment, edge thickness, bowl shape and color, side splashes and hole drillings and 2-3 weeks later the crate arrives with your ready to be installed countertop.

2. Better Yet, save a little more than you imagined, and no one can tell that your Cultured marble countertop is not natural slab Marble or engineered Quartz but in fact a molded and one piece composite material.

You pick your cultured marble countertop and then glam up by considering a rectangle bowl that is two-toned. The effect is astonishing that it is not a 2-piece undermount sink!

Check out these photos for the marble look that has you looking again and feeling the sink to be sure it is not 2 pieces.