Dream Kitchen Patience

Jan 21, 2022

Our New Reality.
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

Last year was among the busiest and most hectic times ever experienced by most kitchen and bath showrooms, ours included.  Do we want a repeat in 2022?  Not really, because of the continued uncertainty with supply chains, labor markets, pricing and scheduling.  Homeowners, confined to their homes, realized that their homes in the Wilmington area did not work as well as they needed to and homeowners did not work as well for their homes either.  Our neighbors realized that they needed their kitchens and baths to serve multiple new functions and were willing to make the investment to improve their homes for their families. They recognized the value of a dream kitchen that also could serve as classroom, dining room, café, and office among other functions.  Homeowners relished the thought of an in-home spa where they could spend a few minutes of everyday just to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets, family demands and outside noise to relax, recharge and wash away the stresses of daily life. 

The Evolving Reality

For our showroom it was a perfect storm and then the reality of supply chain challenges raged across our bow.  The supply chain is currently not working and there is no easy fix. Cabinet, countertop and appliance manufacturers can’t get the materials, products, labor or transportation to offer delivery dates that were once considered standard.  Omicron has given no rest to the weary.  Major ports remain backed up in record numbers.  Shipping and trucking companies can’t find a sufficient number of drivers to meet demand, further exacerbating delivery times and scheduling.  Attracting installation and trade professionals that homeowners expect and deserve is nearly impossible.  All of these challenges affect timelines, but there is no need to delay planning the kitchen of your dreams.

The Solution

First, don’t abandon your plans for a new kitchen or in-home spa.  Our showroom has learned to adapt and work with homeowners to address as realistically as possible supply chain challenges and to communicate with complete transparency.  Several of our cabinet manufacturers report delivery time improvements.  Appliances remain challenging, however.  Homeowners that want a new dream kitchen or bath should start the process now, understanding that it may be months before construction can begin. 

Several best practices include:

  • Do not start demolition until all products needed for your renovation are in stock.
  • Determine if you have room to take delivery and store your new cabinets and kitchen materials in your home before demolition starts.  This can be a big advantage.
  • Agree to an air-tight design and construction plan because it can take months to obtain new parts and materials if you decide to change during the course of your renovation.
  • Have a plan A and plan B for every product that you need that will enable your designer to access products that meet your quality standards and design requirements more quickly.
  • Have a realistic budget that you openly share with your professional designer.  Similar to most other products, labor and product price increases are affecting cabinets, countertops, tile, hardware and other products that are needed for new kitchens and baths.  Prices have gone up so be prepared when you start your journey.
  • Remember that patience is a virtue and the joy and benefits that a new kitchen and bath can add to your home are – priceless.

If now is the right time for you to start creating your new dream kitchen or bath, please contact us at 910-218-0098 or make an appointment to visit our Wilmington showroom.