1. How should I start planning my home remodeling project?

First, please know you are not alone, we can help with home remodeling projects. Let us know which areas you want to redesign, and how much you want to spend on the project. Consider how you would like these areas to function. Are you going to use these rooms for anything specific? Are there any items you need to make room for? What kinds of storage options would keep the space organized? Next, you’ll want to do some research to get an idea of what kind of style and look you’re going for. A great tool for this would be Pinterest. Browse our Classic Kitchen & Bath Pinterest boards to see what we are pinning. Houzz is another great resource, and you can also find us there. Our designers will ask for a description of your style when we meet in our showroom or make an in-person visit to your home. Based on your ideas, we will design your space according to your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

2. Can Classic Kitchen & Bath help with home remodeling projects of any type?

We can help turn your vision into reality in virtually any part of the house, for any size project or budget. Our expert designers and trade partners will oversee your project from concept to completion. We regularly help with remodeling projects like:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Master bedroom suites
  • Custom closets
  • Mudrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Home offices
  • Bars and entertaining areas
  • Fireplace surrounds and built-ins all over the house
  • Garages
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Commercial spaces
  • Remodeling for accessibility and living-in-place

3. Can you help me with small renovations, or do you only complete large renovations?

No matter what size of the project you have, Classic Kitchen & Bath can help. We love helping homeowners plan small projects that will have a big impact on how they use their homes. Small projects like home offices, fireplace surrounds, and outdoor kitchens are great options for getting the most bang for your buck without the hassle of large-scale construction in your home. Learn more about our “microprojects” here.

4. In an initial consultation, what should I expect?

Over the past two decades, we have perfected our time-tested process, which begins by understanding what type of design will best fit your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Whether you contact us by phone, e-mail, or visit our showroom, one of our designers will help to schedule a time for an in-home consultation to talk about your vision for remodeling the space. The designer will ask what you hope to achieve with the project, how you intend to use your space, as well as your budget. During the initial visit, the designer will develop a preliminary design as a starting point for further planning and product selection.

5. Is there a budget I should set for my home renovation project?

Quality renovations increase your home’s value, but every project is different, and how much you decide to spend on a kitchen, bathroom or other types of home renovations is completely up to you. With Classic Kitchen & Bath, you can modernize, update, and improve the appearance of any space in your home at any budget level. Our company offers a wide range of product lines that are priced at different price points, and our expertise in the industry allows us to create high-end looks for a fraction of the cost. Our designers consider your budget to help create a design and plan that will work for you.

6. How long does it take to renovate a kitchen or bathroom?

There is no set timeframe for a remodel, but the duration is determined by the size of the project and the types of materials you decide to use. Once the design process is completed, small projects, such as updating countertops, swapping out vanities, and adding new light fixtures, can be completed in just one week. If you are remodeling an entire kitchen, it can take several weeks after final selections are made to receive cabinets and other products for the installation. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way about the status of your materials and will know exactly what will happen in your home at certain times. Generally, installation takes between one and three weeks once all materials are ordered.

7. Does Classic Kitchen & Bath work with homeowners or contractors?

We work with both homeowners and home builders. We have been trusted as experts in new construction kitchen design by builders for years. We also work on commercial spaces. Our team of experts will provide you with excellent service regardless of whether you are a homeowner, a builder, or an owner of a commercial property.

8. Can you provide me with plumbers, electricians, and carpenters for my project, or will I have to do that myself?

We can help you hire the right craftsman for your project from a list of our trusted, experienced trade partners. You may also use your own contractors if you prefer.

9. Will I need to be home while work is being performed?

Our first home visit and consultation will establish our plan, so it’s important for you to be present. Once we reach the installation phase, you can relax and leave the work to us. We like to take the hassle out of home renovations for our customers. While your project is being overseen and managed by our designers and staff, you will be able to go to work, run errands, and maintain your daily life. Communication about the project’s progress will be accurate and frequent, so you will be the first to know if any issues arise that require your input. If you wish to be present for the installation, you are also welcome but do not be worried. Let us handle the hard work so you can come home to the house of your dreams!

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She was very helpful and explained our options. The finished product is exactly what we were looking for.

  Donna H.