Tools to Assist in Your New Years Diet

Jan 07, 2022

Stick to your New Years resolution with a diet friendly kitchen.

We know that many of homeowners will make New Year’s Resolutions to either improve their health, lose weight or both.  There are numerous reasons to make weight loss resolutions.  Losing weight makes you healthier, gives you more energy and helps to reduce fat and builds muscle.  If you subscribe to a particular diet or simply elect to eat healthier, there are certain kitchen appliances for easier dieting practices.

One of the first appliances that people turn to when starting a diet is a blender. We prefer blenders with high-torque motors that can easily convert solids into liquids in a few seconds to create healthy shakes, smoothies and other drinks that every homeowner can enjoy.

  • Emersion or hand blenders enable you to mix, chop, whisk and blend, at the stove, countertop or anywhere else in the kitchen that you prepare meals.  If you don’t already have a hand blender, look for one with multiple speeds.
  • A food processor can slice, dice and chop foods in a matter of seconds.  Food processors are great for making healthier snacks and appetizers such as fresh hummus or homemade granola. 
  • An air fryer gives you the taste and crunch of fried foods using approximately 75 percent less oil than a conventional fryer.  An air fryer is a convection oven that circulates hot air around food to cook it.  Air fryers come in a variety of sizes.  The largest of which can cook a meal for a family of four looking to reduce fat and calories.
  • One of the cool new appliances for dieting is a spiralizer that takes vegetables such as zucchini, squash and carrots and turns them into spaghetti. 
  • Cooking beef, duck and chicken in a rotisserie convection toaster oven will help reduce fat and calories.
  • A mandoline is another tool that helps to increase the enjoyment of eating veggies.  Mandolines cut veggies into extremely thin slices that are easy to prepare and more enjoyable to eat.
  • Sous vide equipment cooks food to the exact level of doneness consistently.  Because whatever you select cooks in its own juices the food is juicier, tastes better, more tender and less wasteful.
  • A slow cooker prepares food as its name implies slowly.  The dietary benefits of slow cooking is the process preserves nutrients in the food thereby making your meals healthier, tastier and easier to digest.
  • A good quality kitchen scale can help with portion control.  Portions are based on weight and not size.  To get in the habit of eating the right portions, you need to weigh what you will eat. 

A brand new kitchen will make meal preparation more enjoyable and better appliances for easier dieting practices.  We can help with that as well.  Please contact us at 910-218-0098 or visit us our showroom in Wilmington, NC to determine how a new kitchen for you home can help you live a healthier and happier lifestyle.