Pantries: Making Life and Cooking Easier

June 17, 2022

As an increasing number of homeowners in the Wilmington area spend more time in their homes and rely increasingly on subscription and delivery services for groceries and household goods, pantries have become almost a necessity in a well-designed and functioning dream kitchen.  If there is space, we often recommend a walk-in pantry because first and foremost a pantry provides added storage space for nonperishable items and more refrigerator space for items that are perishable.

Having a place for everything provides several valued benefits to homeowners. A kitchen pantry remodel can help make life easier with fewer trips to the store or online orders that you have to make and helps to ensure that you don’t run out of the items you need to prepare your favorite meals.

A walk-in or even a pull-out pantry provides more flexible space than can be offered by a drawer or cabinet, enabling a kitchen to function more efficiently.  Pantries are the great organizer.  Storing items in clear containers that are labeled ensures that you will never confuse salt from sugar.  We often recommend to homeowners  to organize their pantries in food group categories such as canned goods with canned goods, spices with spices, pasta with pasta, grains with grains and so on.  Doing so enables homeowners to easily find whatever they need to prepare a meal quickly and easily.

Pantries also serve as a welcome home for large countertop appliances that are only used occasionally such as a stand mixer, toaster, sandwich press, slow cooker and similar items, thereby freeing up valuable counterspace and heling to ensure a modern clean look.  Similarly, the pantry can also house large roasting pans, stock pots and other cookware items that are only used occasionally, freeing up drawer and cabinet space for items that are relied upon almost daily.

If your current cabinets and drawers are stuffed to the gills, you will truly appreciate the benefits of a walk-in or pull-out pantry.  Pantries can all but eliminate purchasing duplicate items because you did not know that the jar of peanut butter or the box of cavatelli was hidden behind your five-pound bag of flour.

Pantries make cooking easier.  They save money and time and avoid waste.  Plus, they make your kitchen much more enjoyable to use.  Can your new dream kitchen accommodate a walk-in or pull-out pantry?  Give us a call at (910) 218 0098 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5529 A Business Drive, Wilmington, NC and let us show you the possibilities of incorporating a pantry into your new dream kitchen.